Kyrene Pillars

This Pillar encompasses a variety of qualities: honesty, integrity, reliability, and loyalty. Being trustworthy means keeping promises and doing one’s best not to deceive, even with white lies or statements that one might defend as “technically true.”

The Golden Rule is the most useful guide here: Treat others as you wish to be treated. That means being courteous, listening to others, and accepting individual differences.

This Pillar includes accountability, self-control, and the pursuit of excellence. Being responsible also requires that we carefully consider the consequences of our choices before we make them.

Being fair means playing by the rules and not taking advantage of others. A fair person makes informed judgments without favoritism or prejudice and does not blame others carelessly.

Kindness, compassion, altruism — these are the heart of ethics. Of course, some ethical decisions inevitably cause pain, but the caring person acts to minimize hardship and to help others whenever possible.

Good citizens work to make their community better. They are committed to protecting our environment and to making our democratic institutions work. They know the law — and they often do more than it requires and less than it allows.

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